About Lemon

Lemon started the whole speciality coffee scene in Claremont - bringing real passion, care and committment to the art of great coffee when we first opened as Lemon Espresso back in 2004.

Our focus always been about the best coffee & food we can produce with a ruthless focus on fresh, local and really, really tasty!

But above all though, Lemon more than coffee, food and drink...its about the people who work here who make it what it is.

We've always tried to make Lemon a bit like going to a good friends house...you can turn up when you want; on your own or in a group; hang out and chat; relax; get involved or just contemplate the slow gyrations of the world going by...whatever your mood though, Lemon is somewhere you should feel comfortable, at ease and welcome....welcome to the 'house of Lemon' :-)

Since those early days in 2004 we have never been one to stand still for too long and we've made our home in a number of locations in and around the Western Suburbs as we've evolved and grown but we've never strayed too far from our roots and today Lemon is Lemon Lane in Claremont.

Authentic - Lemon is the real thing

Not a bland, homgenous ever so boring replica of the type of venue you'll find in all 'big box' shopping centres -  we strive to bring soul to the venue and to give people a reason to escape the air conditioned, piped music monotomy of the centre - to venture out and discover the hideen gems that lurk in the laneways of the real Claremont whether its at 7am for your start the day hit of the best caffine known to man (or woman!); a lingering brekkie or brunch or for lunch with friends over a bottle of wine or a beer..

Come and find us....we promise we'll try and make it worth your while!

Our Principals

Our desire to be the best is reflected in everything we do. We source the best suppliers, utilise the best equipment and most of all aim to attract and train the best people in the industry.

We have learnt a lot as we have grown and made plenty of mistakes along the way, however we have always endeavoured to remain true to our principles;

  • Adhere to a process of Constant and Never Ending Improvement across our business,
  • Religiously aim to source the best produce and input goods possible,
  • To implement the best processes and procedures we can and to never compromise on quality,
  • Remember that the Customer does always come first,
  • Respect the people in the business and work to create an environment that allows personal objective's to be met whilst delivering the Lemon goals with passion, and
  • To have fun doing what we do!

Who is Lemon?

Lemon is the people with passion who work here and the customers with passion for the product who appreciate the way we deliver it.

We pride ourselves on one of the lowest staff turnovers in the industry and also one of the highest percentages of regular customers.

Lemon is your home from home!

We love Lemon and we look forward to welcoming you to our world!

Love Coffee.  Love Food.  Love Wine.  Love Lemon