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Many companies choose to advertise on my blog because they know they have the best opportunities to get customers. Do go on and study my weekly promotions, available with monthly and annual financing.

My plans don’t exceed $500 a month and I guarantee constant advertising and graphics quality. I use a user-friendly and easy-to-understand format. This way, all users across the world get your message. Enter the world of effective advertising with the following plans.

Lemon Pie Plan

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This is one of the most convenient plans, providing you with 6 banners 110×180, with outstanding photos of your product or company. Just tell me how you want it and I will make it possible.

For the first time, I give you a 20% discount in the first month and 50% after you have been 6 months with me. Trust me, you will double your sales.

Full Catering Night

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For the most enthusiastic, I created this 3-month plan. You pay 50% at the beginning and the rest at the end. I offer you a 20-second advertisement, with quality graphics and the best sound. Also, I offer 20 designs to be distributed throughout my blog’s sections.

Exclusive Choices

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This is the most affordable plan I have. You can pay weekly, and pay 50% the first time and then 20% each month. You can extend it for half the price. This plan includes small 35×50 banners that are not as invasive for users but are persuasive enough to get them to visit your page.

If you are an active donor, you get a discount on my advertising plans. Ask about availability and the extension of terms and discounts. Remember that for more information about prices, finance, and payment methods you need only email me at the address you will find in my Talk to Me page.