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If you decide to donate to Lemon Cafés, one of the advantages that I offer is enjoying exclusive information released every week. You can become a member of my coffee club and get discounts on tickets for the most exclusive restaurants in the city.

Write to me through the email address available in my Talk to Me page and you can also have the possibility to participate in the uploaded content, that’s right! You can participate in the edition by contributing ideas and even visiting me directly in my office.

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I am launching contests for different areas every week and the prizes include tickets to visit the latest restaurant in the town or a romantic dinner delivered directly to your home. Donate and help my blog grow with each bit you give.

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By becoming my donor, you will be able to opt for better rewards than our subscribers. You can even meet the owners of the most famous restaurants in the city if you decide to donate. I’m also offering you access to my private catering events at the most exclusive parties.

Do not miss my monthly awards, from t-shirts with the blog’s logo to participation in any of my articles as a guest writer for the blog. I can tell your story without you having to leave your home.

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To make it even better, for those that become donors, I help them position their brand or business in the market. My reputed blog commits to make special mentions of your business within my posts as well as in the events I host.

For me, it means a lot for you to see my blog as an opportunity, as I can continue serving the community with the style and character that has always distinguished me as an enthusiast.