At Lemon Lane our chefs work really hard to provide food that will 'over deliver' on every front. Everything we serve is made fresh in house using the very best local ingriedients we can source.

With a menu that runs the gauntlet from your early morning brekkie through brunch to a delicious cafe / bistro lunch to be savoured with a fine bottle of wine, we aim to provide food that presents beautifully and tastes delicious! 

We don't 'pigeon hole' ourselves in terms of the style of food we serve, but to suffice to say that it is consistent with the very best cafe / bistro style menu we can produce whilst not claiming to be fine dining. There's only one way to find out though....come and see (and taste) for yourself!

Our menus at Lemon Lane change with the seasons; however if you would like to see what we are currently serving please just email lemon and we will send them straight through to you.